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Our programs are created with your child’s success as our primary goal! Kids, Teens & Parents all find that our gym is the Safest, Most Effective and most importantly the Most Fun place to develop new skills and build friendships that last a lifetime. It’s so much more than just a sport!

Our Programs


Get fit learning balance, core strength, flexibility through the fundamentals of floor tumbling while having a ton of fun and making friends!


Our recreational cheerleading classes will not only teach your child the basics of cheerleading, jumps and stunting, but will help her make friends and get fit all at the same time!


Build focus through flexibility, balance and super fun skills on the balance beam, uneven bars and vault just like one of your favorite Olympians! 

Hip Hop

Have a blast learning fun routines and tricks in this hip hop class that will work at each individual athlete's pace and skill level. Make friends while having fun and grooving the the music!


Learn self-discipline while building your fitness through this intense warrior and obstacle course training class perfect for high-energy boys and girls! 

Mommy & Me

Moms and Dads join your child for this great class where you'll bond and make memories while developing gross and fine motor skills and learning the fundamentals of tumbling!

About Us

We're building leaders of the future through character development.

So many gyms focus entirely on the sport. Here at Twister Sports, we’re often told just how much we’re positively impacting the lives of all of our members. We're serious about developing great athletes, and we're truly good at that - but at the end of the day - we want kids who are confident in themselves! We give our athletes the tools they need to be successful in life, and the result is pretty awesome - they also have the tools they need to become super successful athletes. 

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